We develop a solar car to educate people

“Solaride Academy is a modern learning format that offers an excellent practical complement to academic education in the form of interdisciplinary problem-based learning. It is an extraordinary collaborative project that creates value in the context of both the development of future talent and the popularization of technology education.”

Hendrik Voll
Vice-rector of TalTech

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How does Solaride Academy work?

The two-year program brings together students from high schools, universities and young people who are already working, mentored by top managers and specialists from the private and public sectors.

We all have the same goal - to build a street-legal solar car that takes part in the competition with the world’s top universities and test the car in Australia at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.
It is the backbone of the Solaride Academy.

It is a collaborative project where people from social and natural science backgrounds join forces. They learn to work and overcome obstacles together, understand each other and respect different roles. It is a place to take responsibility, make mistakes and learn from experience. It is real life that teaches.

In this crazy challenge helps to succeed various workshops, mentoring sessions, training, company visits, etc.

“Solaride Academy inspires young people, and this project will enlighten the next engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs and world-changers.”

Martin Villig

Co-founder of Bolt

Practical experience

  • 50+ different positions in various teams
  • cooperation with experts in the field
  • real responsibility
  • putting knowledge into practice
  • learning through collaboration
  • using professional hardware and software
  • cooperation in a diverse team
  • practicing different working methods (agile, retro, sprints, etc.)
  • regular feedback

Field-specific skills

  • opportunity to take part in a program in other areas
  • basic trainings
  • workshops to help acquire the necessary techniques
  • experienced trainers in the field
  • visits to top companies in the field
  • job-shadowing days
  • visiting other teams building solar cars

Self-development and balance

  • focus on mental and physical health
  • social skills training and workshops
  • motivational speakers
  • environmental awareness
  • horizon broadening theme events
  • setting and scheduling personal goals
  • personal development evaluation
  • exciting challenges

Leadership Development Program

  • experienced managers as key mentors
  • getting to know and use the OKR methodology
  • Belbin’s team roles
  • leadership roles and styles
  • 6x a year two-day leadership development seminars
  • strategic management
  • results management
  • safe working environment
  • delegation of work
  • giving and receiving feedback

Professional network

This program brings together young talents, experienced mentors and dedicated supporters. Acquaintances born in Solaride help you open new doors. This is where the colourful career paths begin.

Friends and memorable events

Our events are lively and developing. We are one team, we are friends!

Solaride mentors

There are no lecturers in our academy. Here are mentors who help you stay on track, share experiences, acknowledge and will get involved when things get really bad. Most of the created mess has to be solved by Solariders themselves.

Our mentors

Neway Jaan Naaber Neway
Taavi Tänavsuu
Marten Noorem
Tõnu Samuel
Priit Salumaa
KoostööKunstiKool Mats Soomre KoostööKunstiKool
Orangetime Event Mikk Puurmann Orangetime Event
Ragmar Sasking
Tehnopol Martin Goroško Tehnopol
Teet Tilk
Alvo Aabloo
Grünfin Marek Unt Grünfin
Omari Loid
Arvo Mere
Toomas Seppel
Andreas Velling
Anneli Lorenz
Heiki Sõmerik
Keneli Pohlak
Mihkel Heidelberg
Pirkko Saar
Rein Lemberpuu
Robert Aare
Signe Ventsel
Tanel Jalakas
Tiina Saar-Veelmaa
Elis Tootsman
Berit Roiland
Toomas Verrev
Kristjan Klaats
Jaagup Susi
Tanel Haak
Rainer Paat
Kaia Liisa Hakk
Marten Madissoo
Martin Ploom
Tõnis Tokman
Rainer Suvi
Kristjan Eenola
Mait Kukk

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2023

The two-year program will end at the World Solar Championship in Australia. It is the ultimate challenge, testing the strength of the solar car and the team in the competition of the world’s top universities.

Novella Uiga

Electronics team lead TalTech

The core value of Solaride for me are the people. Friends and mentors, whom I have surrounded myself with and who all share the same values as I do. These are the people I can turn to with any questions knowing, that they will understand me on a personal level. I feel supported and valued in the team.

Asso Soosalu

Head of marketing and communications
Tallinn School of Economics

Solaride is a place to grow and thrive. We are not being wrapped up in cotton wool here, instead we are facing real tasks and responsibilities. I am growing here not only professionally, but also as a person. I have wonderful mentors and team members and we are all united by a way of thinking - nothing is impossible.

How to join the Solaride Academy?

Our recruitment period takes place once a year from September to November. If you can't wait that long, send your application to contact@solaride.ee and let’s see what we can do.

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