Ready to cross the Australian desert? Join us to make it happen! You will be mentored by the best professionals from Estonia and working with the most eager students from the universities

We have the following vacancies in our team:

1. Mechanical Engineering & Aerodynamics
We are looking for mechanical engineers with CAD skills. If you have none – it is fine to be a student and a highly motivated learner. Aerodynamics skills can be a rare find in Estonia but if you think you can contribute here, please let us know about you.

2. Electronics Engineering
We are looking for electrical engineers, students or professionals who have passions for custom electronics design, power and battery management. Be ready to create circuit boards, work with motors, solar panels and the whole electrical system of an electric vehicle.

3. Software Engineering
If you have any experience in embedded software development for custom electronics or you are interested in telematics, data visualisation and writing code for custom UI or you are willing to learn, you are a match.

4. Marketing & PR
We are looking for 6 students to plan and execute our media plan, write press releases, handle our social media postings and do as much noise around the project as possible.

5. Fundraising
We are looking for 3-4 students with a sales mindset to find as many sponsors as possible, since the budget is in total of €400,000 over four years and two challenges to complete.

6. Logistics
We need 2 students with the relevant background to organize the logistics of travel to the challenge, by ordering components and everything else the team really needs; be it pizza or drill bits. If you spot any important role missing from the list, don’t hesitate to contact us and submit your candidacy.