“Mul ei ole suva” is a popular saying in Estonian that means “I do give a damn”. It’s a phrase that only the most venturesome live by. Those, who know that you don’t really change the world by spewing critique in the comments while refraining from doing some serious action. Those who have taken steps in order to improve our surroundings by recycling or going to vote. Maybe you contribute as a volunteer? Help to create future technologies or maybe you’re working or finding the cure for cancer? Your commitment is valued! Show that you do give a damn and inspire others aswell!

Solaride is an educational project founded in 2020, during which the students of several universities build the very first Estonian solar powered car. Because we also do give a damn. We want to change the situation where a third of STEM students quit their studies. We want to give the youth a valuable practical experience and the skills to encourage them to change the world into a better place.

Kas sul on suva?