If you are one of those who care about what is happening in society, the “Mul ei ole suva” shirt will hug you with gratitude. This sweater is for you if you believe that cursing in the comments will not improve the world and you have decided to do something for a better future for yourself, your country, or even the world. Maybe you started sorting garbage or went to the polls for the first time? Or do you volunteer with a charity? Are you creating the technology of the future or are you looking for a cure for cancer? Your contribution is important in any case. Show that you have no choice and use it to inspire others!

By purchasing the “Mul ei ole suva” sweater, you are supporting the student project “Solaride”. You can choose the amount of support yourself. You can buy this sweater for 45 euros, but also for 450 or 4,500 euros – everything above 30 euros will be used to support future talent.

With this sweater you can show that you support the future of Estonian engineers, the development of green transport and in general it is understood that this sweater is worn by a thinking person. By the way, in addition to our students, several start-up pioneers, social media influencers and business representatives have joined the network of sweater sponsors.

In addition to the community, we have been joined by local companies that offer a variety of benefits and incentives to sweater wearers:

  • Three Tilli and Pepe’s offer a sweater wearing -10% off the menu
  • In Möku (both in Tallinn and Tartu) you can get a free shot if you are the first person wearing “Mul ei ole suva” sweater of the day.
  • Hell Hunt and Humalakoda both offer -20% of the total bill.
  • VegMachine offers its delicious food for the sweater carrier at -15% price!
  • In the Trepp bar you can have no choice but to wear -10% from the menu and also try the new #muleiolesuva shots.

Kas sul on suva?