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If you happen to know an Estonian, then you might have heard what unites Estonia and Australia is usually spending a gap year dodging massive spiders in the outback. But what is the reasoning behind Estonians building a solar car and then driving it through the Australian desert?
Well, to us the reason is quite simple. We don’t have enough engineers participating in STEM curriculums and those who do, don’t have enough practical outputs. Therefore we gave them a solar car project, which also helps to solve another problem which is the dire situation in Estonia regarding clean transportation. That is still not all! If we combine the two, then as a result we get a unique project in our region that will add another success story to Estonia’s tech red carpet, right next to the recent unicorns.
Now, if you’re reading this and you also feel the urgent need to take action in order to ensure a greener future and stronger engineering curriculums, then show us your support!

How can you support us?

Become a sweater sponsor

By purchasing the "Mul ei ole suva" sweater, you are supporting the student project "Solaride". You can choose the amount of support yourself. You can buy this sweater for 45 euros, but also for 450 or 4,500 euros - everything above 30 euros will be used to support future talent.
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Support us finacially

You can support us financially by sending your support to our bank account

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Become a sponsor

If you are interested in more substantial cooperation or, for example, you want your logo on our car, please contact us.
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