Our mission & goals

Every other young Estonian wants to go to Australia for self-search, but what is Estonia’s goal to participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia? The answer is simple and logical!

Today, there are few engineers at a good level in Estonia – the Solaris solar car project gives them the opportunity to solve real challenges together with top technology players. Apart from the lack of engineers, Estonia is among the last in the ranking of green transport – a real mess!
Thirdly, we combine the two previous reasons: by building a solar car, we give students the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice by developing new greener transport technologies, and by competing with other world-renowned top universities in Australia, we bring Estonians back on the world map.

If you feel that you also want to contribute to practical education and a greener future, give a helping hand to the Solaride project!

How can you support us?

Become a sweater sponsor

By purchasing the "Mul ei ole suva" sweater, you are supporting the student project "Solaride". You can choose the amount of support yourself. You can buy this sweater for 45 euros, but also for 450 or 4,500 euros - everything above 45 euros will be used to support future talent.
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Shower us with money

You can support us financially by sending your support to our bank account

SolarCar Estonia MTÜ LHV EE897700771004776685

Become a sponsor

If you are interested in more substantial cooperation or, for example, you want your logo for a car, please contact us.
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By the way, from January 2021, Solaride is an NGO with income tax relief! If you don’t know exactly what this means:

  • Legal persons can make gifts and donations to the listed companies tax-free within certain limits.
  • A person can deduct donations from his or her taxable income

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