Solaride is a community of people who give a damn!

The Solaride project came to life in 2020, thanks to the initiative of two students from the University of Tartu, who sought out to build the first solar powered car in the Baltics. With over 300 people ranging from students from varying schools and univeristies to mentors, trainers and business associates, Solaride today has developed into a more interdisciplinary project, focusing on developing future talents of the world and popularising science and technology studies.

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Is it too late to join?

Estonia's first solar car has already tested it’s capabilities in Morocco, but no - you can still hop on and join the ride!

Solaride’s second season already started in November and it will end with our participation in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2023 in Australia! YOU could be part of this team as well!

So what are you waiting for? Read more about us and pick a team with whom you would like to share this amazing journey.

There are several reasons to apply for a position at Solaride 👇

Solaride Academy

Practical experience and real responsibility for specific tasks. If you succeed, you will reap the fruits of success if not, then you will still gain valuable experience for the rest of your life. Either way, joining the academy is a win!


In 2023, the second, but even more efficient solar car built in the Baltics will take part in a crazy challenge at the world-famous Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Maybe your participation can help us take this car all the way to first place!

Valuable network

Mentors, partners, and other solariders, with whom you just might create life-long friendships and bonds.

Outstanding team events and unique experiences

Twice a year you’ll be able to meet the whole Solaride team in one place at our bigger events as well as have smaller team-based gatherings throughout working at Solaride.

Earn EAPs

Solaride gives you the oppurtunity to complete your mandatory training for university as well as combine many other things - studying, gaining new experiences and having fun!

First professional job

Upon completing your tasks succesfully, we will write out a letter of recommendation should you need it, as well as help you get in touch with future employers.

You too could be a solarider if you:

  • Have a #igiveadamn attitude - your life doesn’t run on autopilot, you’re willing to take responsibility and create your own future.
  • Are collaborative, open, and proactive.
  • Have bold ideas and are ready to implement them.
  • Are hardworking, independent, and curious.
  • Are ready to make mistakes, learn from them and then proceed to try again.
  • Are extroverted, introverted or maybe even inverted, the main thing is that you are true to yourself!

Our world changers

Marketing and Communications


Human Resources




If you’ve found a team above that fits you, then apply down below!

If you haven’t found one then you should still apply down below, because we have places available for people who have no clue what they want to do as well!

If you have any questions feel free to contact our wonderful HR contact Liisa:

Afraid to apply? You don't have to be a specialist or an expert in your field. All you need is the will to learn, the motivation to work and the desire to improve yourself in any way that is possible.

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