Who are we?

Do you know this feeling? You’re deeply inhaling fresh air when, suddenly, it feels like you’re breathing some guy’s exhaust pipe into your mouth!

We know this feeling. It’s because of this that we want to build a car that does not emit exhaust gases. And no, this is not your typical Nissan Leaf. We, extremely ambitious students, are building a solar powered car to race through the Australian desert. In 2021, we will take part in the World Solar Challenge and will compete with the world’s leading universities. The best engineers and marketers in Estonia are with us to mentor our student team.
Solaride is through and through a non-profit student project, where the students’ purpose is to broaden their horizons by getting a unique experience and also to bring Estonia on the world map in the renewable energy industry. Together we will test the boundaries of technology!

Solaride’s goal is not just to build a car:
  • Estonia is next to last in the use of renewable energy sources in the transport sector in Europe. Yes, even Latvia is higher on the list. We want Estonia to be known for its renewable energy solutions, not oil shalemining.
  • We want Estonian Engineering Students to be future experts in the transport sector. The inventors of the flying machine – at the very least, engineers of the next Tesla!
Does this sound like a plan you would like to support? Find us from Hooandja. And if you have no money, but have dreamt about working in a rally car team, join us!

they believe in us

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