We are a team of Estonians developing a solar-powered car to participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge across the melting-hot roads of Australia.

World Solar Car Challenge

Solaride is a project which is brought to life by the sheer willpower of students from six universities, who had enough with the dire situation with both the renewable energy field and the lack of practical education in Estonia. In order to change that they gathered their knowledge, joined forces with the most outstanding mentors and decided to put their knowledge up for the ultimate test – by building a solar car. Not just simply building it for a few more than average adventurous trips to McDonalds, no. We will take it for the ultimate test run by pervading 3000km of Australian outback participating in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. It is the most prestigious solar car race in the world, where our Estonian team will go up against teams from the most known tech universities like MIT, Eindhoven and Swinburne. 

As it is a challenging project, we have gathered all the most outstanding mentors to join us and support our students with their best practices and know-how. Through this unique dynamic the students are gaining valuable experience working side-by-side with experts. Such cooperation helps to relieve the lack of engineers in the workforce by preparing students while attending university. Oh, speaking of universities – the major academias have decided to support the Solaride project. Why shouldn’t they –  their students can’t put their knowledge straight to practice and help to develop curriculums that are customized to support the creation of innovation.