We develop a solar car to educate people

At the end of 2021, despite of the corona crisis, the first solar car in the Baltics was built by Estonian students and put to the test at the Solar Challenge Morocco.

The second season solar is going to be designed and constructed differently, and will be put to the test at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia in October 2023.

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What is solar car?

A solar car is essentially an electric car that uses part or all of its energy from the sun to drive. The solar energy comes from solar panels mounted on the body panels of the car. The energy is stored in battery modules built into the floor of the car.

Karl August Tatunts

Chief engineer
TTK University of Applied Sciences

"Building a solar car is a technical challenge that forces you to look for solutions to seemingly impossible situations."

Mart Erik Kermes

Head of engineering

"The journey to the completion of the solar car is full of difficulties, sleepless nights and missteps, but with a great team, everything is possible!"


Solar car design brings together knowledge of aerodynamics, car construction and energy use.

From the outset, the Solaride team has been guided by the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge's multi-page set of rules for the requirements a car in a particular class must meet. This has led the team to seek solutions to sometimes seemingly impossible situations.

Competition Classes

Solaride is competing in the Cruiser Class, which was created for cars that are as practical and transferrable to real life as possible. This allows for ideas, that will change how we perceive everyday transportation as well as sustainability and the choices it provides. All together there will be 3 classes at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge:

  • Challenger
  • Cruiser
  • Adventure

Competitions worldwide 

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC 2023), which will take place in October, is the best known competition among solar car fans. In addition, there are other competitions:
  • American Solar Challenge
  • European Solar Challenge
  • Sasol Solar Challenge

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