Season 2022/23

The second season solar car will be competing against the top universities in the world at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

This is a chance to do the impossible! Solaride will be competing against the world's top universities with years of experience.

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Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2023

Every other year, the 35-year-old race brings together students, top universities and companies from all over the world, with nearly 15 million spectators following their adventures over 3000 km.

Crazy challenge 

Extreme heat, terrain and unpredictable road conditions await the 3000km race from Darwin to Adelaide. 

The teams will complete the journey in approximately one week, starting each day with a sunrise and camping where the sun sets at 17:00. 

It is a journey that will test the technical abilities of the team members as well as their morale and mental stamina.

Estonian national team

The Solaride team consists of approximately 70 members, 24 of whom will travel to Australia. The team has been assembled primarily on the basis of team role fit and contribution to the work.

  • Team leads: Mikk Saarmann, Mart Erik Kermes ja Karl August Taunts.
  • Mechanics: Peter Kipp, Sten Raud, Kristo Kannik, Ülo Pajutee, Sander Robas, Ardo Tiits.
  • Electronics: Novella Uiga, Armin Mere, Joosep Ress, Herbert Konnula.
  • Software: Siim Ilves, Kristjan Kleimann, Reio Põder, Johan Hollak, Artur Salumäe.
  • Media: Jette-Mari Stammer, Berta Kisand, Helina Hansar, Toomas Teder.
  • Support: Kristjan Ulla, Johanna Britt Berzin.

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